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DENVER — A Denver father is fearful for his family’s safety after the suspect accused of burglarizing and kidnapping him failed to show up for his trial.

The trial was supposed to start Tuesday in Denver, but 25-year-old Yulian Rodriguez-Cruz was free after posting $20,000 bond and did not come to court.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest, but the victim fears police will never capture him.

Dylan Norris said he was pulling into the driveway of his home last December when he saw two men huddled over a window of his house. They turned and pointed guns at him and a friend in the car.

Norris said the suspects ran to the car, jumped in and pointed the weapons at his head. He said he jumped out and called police, who were able to identify Rodriguez-Cruz as one of the suspects.

The Denver Police Department said investigators believe Rodriguez-Cruz might be part of an organized crime ring targeting marijuana store customers.

Norris said he has had to call police repeatedly when Rodriguez-Cruz or his associates have shown up at his home. He believes they are trying to intimidate him to keep him from testifying.

He feels the bond should have been much higher to keep Rodriguez-Cruz in custody until trial.

He calls Rodriguez-Cruz a “career criminal” who will now go on to hurt more people.