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DENVER — A Denver woman has an amazing story of survival after being hit by a falling bullet.

Wendy Shaya said she nearly lost her life in the middle of a quiet peaceful afternoon along East 58th Avenue in Green Valley Ranch.

Shaya said, “I had put a lock back on the house, walking back to my car, when all of a sudden I felt a really sharp pain in my foot and look down it was gushing blood everywhere.”

Shaya said her first thoughts were that she’d been hit by a rock or that a vein had ruptured. Instead, doctors at the emergency room at University Hospital showed her an X-ray of her foot with a 9 MM bullet inside.

Shaya says she never heard gunfire and police told her it was a falling bullet that could have been fired from as far as two miles away.

Her sister, Allison Cohen said, “My immediate thought was she absolutely could’ve died, had been half a second sooner or later. Had a bullet going anywhere different this outcome would be different she wouldn’t be with us.”

Shaya is sharing her story with hopes that this doesn’t happen to anybody else.  “The biggest thing is that it is illegal to shoot guns in the air and the idea that if you do that, the bullet is still deadly,” she said.

Denver police tell us they are investigating the falling bullet and, according to Shaya, are trying to match the bullet with gun involved in any other crimes.