Faces of frostbite: Midwest city issues warning about dangerously cold temperatures

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MINNEOTA, Minn. — The City of Minneota Government and Police Department posted startling pictures to accompany a warning about wind chill.

The post comes as large parts of the Midwest are seeing dangerously low temperatures amid a winter storm.

The post was written after a wind chill warning was issued in the area.

According to the City of Minneota post, “wind chill is an index measuring how cold it feels when wind is added to the current air temperature. For example if the air temperature is 10 degree with no wind it will feel like it is 10 degrees. However if you add a 15 mile per hour wind the air temperature will feel like it is -7 degrees.”

The post raises another flag regarding frostbite, writing, “Frostbite is nothing to ignore as the damage it causes can range from minor irritation to frozen skin such as fingers, ears and nose which may need to be surgically removed. The lesson to take from this is when it is really cold and windy, don’t go outside. If you must then wear gloves, hats, scarfs and jackets to cover exposed skin.”

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