Facebook promotes organ donation

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DENVER — Facebook has added a new option for users. Right next to your favorite movies, hometown and birthday you’ll see your organ donor status.

Tapping into its nearly one billion users to help saves lives. The company announced the plan Tuesday morning to encourage Facebook users to start listing their donor status on their pages and bridge the gap between the donor and the dying.

In Colorado there are more than 2,200 people waiting for a lifesaving transplant.

“I have a rare form of Leukemia called, Myelofibrosis,” says Mark Jenkins of Denver. “The only cure for it is a bone marrow transplant,” he says. “Otherwise it will continue to get worse and worse and worse. It’s a chronic Leukemia.”

Due to the lack of bone marrow donors, Mark is unable to find a match to save his life.

“There are a lot of people out there like me that need help and they’re in worse condition than I am in,” Jenkins adds.

Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg has created a new way to raise awareness. The social network is allowing you to add organ donor to your timeline.

“You click through from your timeline profile down to your life events, health and wellness there is going to be a donation prompt right there. That lest you update your status that you have joined a life event as an organ donor,” says Jennifer Moe, the communications director at Donor Alliance in Denver.

Changing your status can open the door to saving a life.

“There is somebody literally waiting right now for a donor. I’m searching for a donor,” says Jenkins. It’s all about just looking at someone in the eye and saying, ‘Don’t you want to save a life?”

Changing your donor status on Facebook may seem like a small step but take a look at the statistics;

More than 100,000 Americans are waiting for an organ right now.

Nearly 7,000 may die this year waiting.

Facebook has 900 million users around the world.

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