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The Marshall Fire destroyed and damaged hundreds of home in the Superior, Louisville and unincorporated Boulder County area, many homeowners are now in the process of rebuilding.

Home Care Expert at Angi, Mallory Micetich has some helpful tips on what to do after disaster hits.

When it comes to insurance evaluation, Micetich says you will want to put your insurance claims in motion as soon as possible. Talk with the agent listed on your policy about bringing in a professional fire restoration contractor. The insurance company will need information to help determine the cost of your property damages. You’ll want to include a police report, list of items that were destroyed, a description of the condition of the home and other items that you want to claim. If your home has been completely destroyed, insurance may be able to help you obtain basic items like clothing, a hotel room and transportation. 

Don’t re-enter without approval from the fire marshal: Gain permission from the fire marshal before going back inside if the fire affected your home. Re-entering your home without permission could be dangerous, so make sure you get the okay to reenter. 

If and when the marshal deems it safe to re-enter, you will want to do a walk-through to take stock of the damage. 

Repairing and rebuilding a home after such a devastating loss can be incredibly overwhelming. It is imperative to contract the proper, trusted experts that will guide you in the rebuilding process and make this grueling task as manageable for you as possible. For extensive damage, you will want to work with a restoration company that has a proven track record and maintains Preferred Vendor status. If you’re unclear about how extensive the damage is and if you will have to rebuild entirely, let your agency and restoration contractor guide you to the best options/choice for you. Your restoration contractor can also recommend a structural engineer to help deem if your home is safe. They will inspect your home damages and outline critical repairs for the areas listed below. Your engineer can also help point you to licensed carpenters and electricians that specialize in fire damaged homes.