Exclusive: Homeowner with shotgun stops suspected burglar

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By Jim Hooley, Reporter

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A quick-thinking homeowner takes justice into his own hands, to stop a would-be burglar who broke into his home in Colorado Springs.

"First i thought it was an animal," says Lonn Rodine. "I soon discovered it was an intruder."

Rodine was sound asleep. Nevertheless, he was prepared. "Had a shotgun next to my bed... I grabbed the shotgun."

Locked and loaded, Rodine picked up the shotgun just as the thief was grabbing a computer monitor.

"This guy was really, really bold. He was dressed in full tactical gear, black SWAT-type shirt, military ammo gunbelt and SWAT pants," Rodine says.

Despite the intruder's intimidating look, the homeowner, with shotgun in hand, took his chances.

"So when I came around the corner, I used some of my training and fully expected a gun in my face ... found the intruder crouched behind one of the counters."

Rodine pointed his gun in the intruder's face and called police.

"I asked him to lay down face-first ... told him to stretch out." Rodine called police and kept the suspect there until officers arrived.

Colorado Springs police got there in less than five minutes. They didn't waste any time when the dispatcher told them a homeowner had a burglar at gunpoint.

It turns out the suspect, a 17-year-old, decided to do some talking before police got there. "They had already taken several guns stored in the basement and had them in a wheelbarrow in the backyard," Rodine says.

The homeowner says there have been a number of break-ins in his neighborhood during the last couple of weeks.

He's glad he had his gun ready. "Guns prevent loss of life, whether you think so or not," he says.

Rodine says if you're going to keep a gun in the house, it is essential that you get training on how to use and store it.




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