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WESTMINSTER, Colo. – Police set up a command post complete with a mobile crime lab, a van and tents Wednesday in front of the house of the teenager who told his mom he kidnapped and killed 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway.

The suspect, 17-year-old Austin Reed Sigg was arrested at his home near 102nd Ave. and Oak St. in Westminster Tuesday night after police, according to a source, received a phone from his mother.

A high-placed source in law enforcement tells FOX31 Denver’s Justin Joseph that Sigg confessed to kidnapping and killing the little girl.

WARNING: The details are graphic.

The source says Sigg told police he drove by Jessica Ridgeway on the morning of October 5, turned his car around and grabbed her.  He brought her into the car where he hog-tied her and then he strangled her to death.

Police want to find out how an abduction turned into a bizarre and gruesome murder. They hope to find those clues inside the suspect’s home.

The source tells Justin Joseph FBI evidence recovery teams found parts of the little girl’s body inside the crawl space at the house.

Two sources say investigators came to the home after Sigg confessed the killing to his mother who then called police.

“It’s kind of terrifying to think that I knew him,” says a young neighbor.

Neighbors called Sigg’s behavior odd and unusual. “He was like always really quiet and he kept to himself.”

So unusual that around the neighborhood, Sigg’s stare was noticed.

 “She was freaked out by a teenager staring at her at the park.” Emily Alexander says Sigg’s stare was so cold that her daughter remembered it days later.

“After Jessica was kidnapped she told me she knew who it was. She was sure she knew who it was and it was this teenager. A few days later he was walking by and she pointed him out and she said ‘That’s the guy!’ That was him.”

Authorities towed an SUV from Sigg’s home Wednesday. Sources say police were still in search of a secondary crime scene where Ridgeway’s body may have been dismembered as parts of it were discovered on October 10 in an open field in Arvada.

Parents around the neighborhood were in shock. “This is where we live. This is where my baby will grow up,” one says.

Many believe Sigg’s young age was one factor that made it possible for him to stay under law enforcement’s radar.

“Because he was 17. I didn’t believe her,” says Anderson. “I thought she was just being paranoid.”

The two main connections police had to their suspect were the torso found in the field and the little girl’s backpack which contained many of her clothes. It was found in a neighborhood in Superior two days after she disappeared.

A high-placed law enforcement source says Sigg confessed to leaving those things as a distraction for police.

Investigators expect to be at the suspect’s home for quite some time. They closed the 10600 block of 102nd Ave. to everyone except people who live there for the next couple of days.