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Ashley Fallis
Ashley Fallis

DENVER — The Evans Police Department has reopened an investigation into the shooting death of Ashley Fallis after a year-long investigation by FOX31 Denver uncovered new evidence in the case.

Fallis, 28, died after a New Year’s party in 2012 at her home in Weld County.

Fallis’ husband, Tom, a Weld County law enforcement officer, told Police she shot herself.

Tom Fallis was at their home when the shot was fired but he has maintained his innocence. He now lives in Indiana with the couples’ three children.

“Following a comprehensive investigation, our conclusion, and that of the Weld County Coroner, was that the shoot was a suicide and the case was then closed,” said Evans Police Chief Rick Brandt Tuesday afternoon.

An extensive 12-month investigation by reporter Justin Joseph found serious missteps in the investigation, including evidence that an Evans police officer may have misstated or omitted key evidence in his reports.

Joseph shared this evidence with Evans police and the chief “directed that the case be reopened,” he said.

“I extend my sincere sympathy to the family of Ashely Fallis for their loss and the revisited grief that can accompany the reopening of a case such as this one,” Brandt said.

Joseph’s story will air Tuesday night on FOX31 Denver news at 5 and 9 p.m.

Brandt said the Fort Collins Police Department will take the lead in reexamining Ashley Fallis’ death.

“It is my desire that an unbiased, professional third-party review of this case be conducted,” he said.

Additionally, the Loveland Police Department will examine accusations against an Evans police officer who is accused of omitting material statements from witnesses and changing a statement from one witness to “support a conclusion of suicide,” Brandt said.

Brandt said the officer, who has not yet been named, was still on active duty.

“Right now all I’ve got is third-hand information from a reporter who says, ‘I heard this from these people,'” Brandt said. “Till we get more information, I’m not going to make any change to the duty status” (of the officer).