Escalating supply chain delays to impact holiday shopping


With more people buying what they need online and a general increase in shopping for goods rather than services, the U.S. has seen a domino effect of problems with getting shipments to their buyers, especially for products coming from overseas.

More than 100 cargo ships are at U.S./Canadian borders, waiting to dock; traffic jams are delaying trucks from being able to move inventory – decreasing the shipments they can deliver and thereby their ability to replenish warehouses; and the cost of shipping containers is almost 5x what it was pre-pandemic. Small- and medium-sized retailers especially are having to watch their inventories run low while big retailers are taking extreme measures − like chartering their own fleet of ships − to have their goods arrive in time for the holiday season.

Dr. Phil Levy, Chief Economist at Flexport, shares his insights into data from their industry-leading tech platform to forecast what consumers and business owners could be facing this holiday season and well into 2022.

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