DENVER (KDVR) — Social media and streaming platforms have made it easier than ever to access TV shows, even for those who don’t have a television or cable plan. recently analyzed the top reality TV shows by viewership on several platforms, award nominations and search data across the U.S. to determine which shows are the most popular. said researchers narrowed down the national favorites before using Google Trends search data to determine the favorite shows by state.

In Colorado, the most popular reality TV show is “Shark Tank,” according to

“Shark Tank” was also the most popular reality TV show in 24 other states, however, the states surrounding Colorado had different opinions.

“Big Brother” was deemed the favorite reality TV show in Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma, as well as seven other states.

“The Amazing Race” was the favorite for viewers in New Mexico, along with two other states. “Survivor” was the favorite reality TV show among Utahns, along with viewers in five other states.

Meanwhile, Wyoming was the only state where “Queer Eye” was named the favorite reality TV show.

While “Shark Tank” was the most-searched reality TV show in most states, it did not rank as high as other shows in the national analysis, which included TikTok views, TV Viewership, Emmy nominations and user IMDb ratings.

These are the top 10 reality TV shows in the U.S., according to

  1. “Survivor”
  2. “Big Brother”
  3. “RuPaul’s Drag Race”
  4. “The Amazing Race”
  5. “Queer Eye”
  6. “Shark Tank”
  7. “Welcome to Wrexham”
  8. “Top Chef”
  9. “The Voice”
  10. “Vanderpump Rules”

“Big Brother” had the most TikTok views with over 29 billion. “RuPaul’s Drag Race” had the most Emmy nominations and the highest-rated IMDb user score.

“Big Brother” and “Survivor” were the shows with the most actual TV viewership.