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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — A local man is recovering after his then-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend allegedly ran him over twice with an SUV. Aaron Lawson said the incident happened on Nov. 26.

Erik Abrams. Credit: Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office

According to Lawson, the situation began with a confrontation with Erik Abrams on Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Day. Abrams used to be in a relationship with a woman who Lawson was dating at the time of the incident. Lawson said the relationship with the girlfriend has since ended.

Following the confrontation on Thanksgiving, which Lawson recorded, he took out a restraining order against Abrams. Shortly after, Abrams allegedly drove over Lawson with his SUV twice.

“I backed up and he ended up just plowing over me. From what I hear, he ran me into a concrete barrier, backed up and then ran over my whole body,” Lawson said. “[He] tried to get away and then he rolled the vehicle over some hand rail or something.”

Photographs from the scene show the Ford Explorer on its side on a sidewalk.

Lawson said his injuries include two broken legs and a fractured hip. He said he first woke up two days after the incident at Swedish Medical Center.

Abrams has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon and three misdemeanors related to the crash.

Lawson said he is unsure whether he will walk again.

“They say I am, but in your head, you’re going to second guess yourself,” he said.

Now, Lawson says he is worried about supporting his 2-year-old son without a steady income. However, he is grateful things weren’t worse.

“I’m just lucky to be alive, really. I’m so thankful,” he said.

A fundraiser has been established for Lawson on Facebook.