Englewood homeowners concerned after man allegedly posing as cable tech cuts internet lines


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — An Englewood family is warning others after a man posing as a cable technician allegedly cut their internet lines.

“It was Sunday night around dinner time and that’s when our neighbors hit us up and they said, ‘Are you guys having internet issues?’ And we of course were and we checked around and everything was completely dead,” Kristin Nielsen told FOX31. 

She says when she checked with Comcast about a potential service outage, she saw service updates planned overnight so she didn’t worry about it. 

“We still didn’t have service when we woke up on Monday and we, of course, both have to work. I called into Xfinity and when the woman was trying to reset our modem…she said, ‘You don’t even have a signal,'” Nielsen said. 

Her husband, Derek Leissoo, decided to check the connections outside. 

“I had to pick my jaw up off the ground,” he said. “Somebody clipped the cables and intentionally did it.”

The cables were clipped at their home and at one other home next door. According to Leissoo, no other homes had damage. 

“They were targeting our house and so it was a little concerning for us,” he said. 

Another neighbor’s security camera caught a man in the area of the cut cable lines around the same time the internet went out. 

“He carried a clipboard and had an actual construction vest,” Nielsen said. “He had a hard hat on but the logo was not legible. It was fake and he also had tennis shoes and not work boots on.”

They believe the man was impersonating a cable technician while he cut the lines. 

“He was clearly just playing the part,” Nielsen said. 

The homeowners are now worried cutting the lines wasn’t the man’s end goal. 

“When I called police they literally told me that normally when that happens, they’re doing it to disarm your home alarm system for burglary, so it raised a big red flag,” Nielsen said. 

Comcast fixed the cut cable lines free of charge the same morning the tampering was discovered. 

In a separate incident, on Tuesday, Comcast reported a large outage in the west Denver metro area. It estimated repairs would be completed by 10 p.m.

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