HARRIMAN, Tenn. (KDVR) — Police conducted a 20-mile slow-speed chase to catch a 7-foot emu last week that escaped its home.

Nexstar station WATE in Tennessee said Roane County resident Harry McKinney and his family have two emus, MeeMoo and MeeMee, that live on their farm.

According to McKinney, crews were logging nearby when MeeMoo was “spooked” and jumped over the seven-foot fence. The emu managed to escape and ran through Harriman, WATE reported.

“He then became ‘internet famous’, leading people all over the county on about a 20-mile chase, sometimes at 40mph,” McKinney wrote in a post on Facebook.

Steven McDaniel, who shot the video in the player above, told Storyful he was taking his dog for a ride when he “looked outside and saw three cop cars going by at like 3 mph.”