Emotional testimony from first week of Redwine trial


DURANGO, Colo. – The first week has wrapped up in the murder trial of Mark Redwine, who is accused of killing his son Dylan in 2012.  

The testimony Friday focused on expert witnesses who worked with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations at the time of the investigation to collect and process DNA evidence from Redwine’s home.  

“There was obviously at least a bloodletting event in this room,” former CBI investigator Joe Clayton said.  

He is referring to the living room, where he collected several swabs of blood samples discovered using a special forensic chemical called Luminol.  

“Luminol is used when you’re looking for blood that may have been cleaned up or blood that is not visible to the naked eye,” DNA expert witness Rebecca Strub said during her testimony. 

Strub did the initial DNA tests on Clayton’s samples. She walked jurors through each piece of evidence and how she determined who the DNA in each sample belonged to.  

According to Strub, a swab of blood from the a cushion of the loveseat matched to Dylan. Strub and other expert witnesses testified that a few other samples also matched with Dylan, but those samples also contained DNA of other people.  

The bulk of the testimony Friday contained complex scientific and mathematical forensic work.  

During cross-examination of the witnesses, Redwine’s legal team appeared to be questioning whether any of the DNA evidence collected in the home is related to Dylan’s death. The defense proposed that blood could have been the result of a nosebleed or papercut years earlier.  

When asked by the defense, “So Luminol will react with presumptive positive blood up to years after it’s been deposited into a certain area?,” Clayton responded, “That’s correct.” 

The trial will resume on Monday.  

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