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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) – A bull elk was videotaped by a trail camera showing him with an automobile tire around his neck. Colorado Parks and Wildlife would like to help the animal, but do not know its location.

CPW has been aware of the problem for more than a year.

“It kind of makes you shake your head. One, how does it get on there?” asked Jason Clay, a spokesperson for CPW.

A month later, another image from the same trail camera shows the same bull with the same tire.

“We see it too often — whether it’s, you know, a hammock caught up in it, Christmas lighting, roping, tire around its neck. Unfortunately, it happens quite a bit here in Colorado,” Clay said.

Both sightings were in the Arapahoe-Roosevelt National Forest near Conifer.

The elk appears to be on the young side because of his size. If he gets much bigger, the tire could make it difficult to breathe.

“As it continues to grow is it not going to have the room that it has now to eat freely, to breathe and drink,” warned Clay.

CPW would like to find and help the elk.

“Worst-case scenario is not only you could die but another bull elk because they are fighting,” said Clay.

If you happen to see this animal, do not attempt roadside assistance, just call Colorado Parks and Wildlife.