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As we start to return back to normal, there’s more of a concern of health risks as we engage in pre-pandemic activities and with the Delta variant on the rise there are high levels of concerns.

Grant Morgan is the co-founder and CEO of biosafety company, R-zero. R-zero is the world’s first company dedicated to making the spaces we all work, rest, learn and play safer through smart, sustainable, hospital-grade disinfection.

Current methods of chemical disinfection have proven to be largely ineffective and are nearly impossible to verify.   

A proven method of disinfection is UV-C light. This 100 year old technology has been trusted by hospitals to reduce the spread of infection, including Covid-19, yet its use has remained prohibitive to most businesses, until now. 

For the first time, businesses will be able to measure and manage UVC disinfection in real-time, thanks to AI, machine learning and IoT connected hardware.  

Technological advances, lending to the first ever continuous automated disinfection ecosystem include:

  • Far-UVC, for safe real-time disinfection of air and surfaces in occupied spaces
  • The first LED-UV powered Upper-Room UVGI device, for occupied spaces

Combined with applied data science have now made hospital-grade UV-C systems accessible and practical for workplaces, schools, restaurants, healthcare facilities and other venues and public spaces nationwide.