Easy ways to spice up that boring can cranberry sauce


A recent survey said that cranberry sauce was the most hated side for Thanksgiving so we invited Esters so show us how to elevate that boring cranberry sauce.

Owner Paul Sullivan and Brand Manager Alexx Guerriero of Esters says you can make that boring canned cranberry sauce pretty tasty if you know what to add to it.

Here’s their recipe that you can showoff this Thanksgiving:

Esters Cranberry Sauce = 1 Quart

2 Cans              Cranberry Sauce, Jellied

1 Cup                Dried Cranberries

1 Cup               Orange Juice

1 T                   Sugar

¼ t                   Nutmeg, ground

¼ t                   Allspice, ground

¼ t                   Cinnamon, ground

¼ t                   Salt

2 T                   Orange Zest

  1. Combine dried cranberries with orange juice and sugar, marinate overnight (minimum 1 hour). If you’re in a pinch for time, heat the orange juice & sugar before adding to dried cranberries, as this will speed up the rehydrating process
  2. Add the jellied cranberry sauce to a bowl and mash it up into a smooth paste
  3. Add all of the ingredients, except for 1T of the orange zest, and combine well
  4. Top with the remaining 1T of orange zest

Esters has two locations and they’re in the process of opening a third in Wheat Ridge next year.

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