Early warm weather has winners and losers

Warm weather helps scooter sales

Warm weather helps scooter sales

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DENVER — Whew! It was actually hot Tuesday and it’s going to get even warmer the rest of the week.

Here we are in one of the two snowiest months of the year—April being the other month for snow—and we are getting every indication spring is coming a bit early.

In like a lion, out like a lamb… a cowardly lion might say, “Mighty unusual weather we are having, don’t you think?”

Some who are losing, snowplow operators. At Clean Cut Landscaping, snow plows sit idle, but workers have already begun spring time yard work.

“For me, I’d rather have this weather, I love it!” said owner Paul Tighe. “You know it is hurting the winter business but we’re actually ahead of where we were last year when we only had seven snowy days. This year we have already hit our average of 15 snowy days a winter.”

Community gardens have people in them already turning soil and making the dirt rich. School kids are playing outside without coats. We even spotted some ultimate Frisbee players getting in some spring training.

On the 16th St. Mall, patios were packed as diners ate up the sunshine as well as the food.

“This weather is great,” said manager, Mark McGrew at the Paramount Café. “This patio is open all year, but for this to be the snowiest month and to have weather like this … we’ll take it!”

Other winners could be found anywhere scooters are sold.

Sterling Chase of Sportique Scooters says, “This past weekend we were swamped with folks both trying to beat summer and save on gas prices.”

And at Bike Doctor and Edgeworks Skis, they say it’s like we just went from, “Winter to Summer in a weekend and that is wonderful,” said Kyndra Brewer.

Ides of March beware, we are already tying records and it’s not even spring yet! Like the Cowardly Lion would put it, “Put ‘em up, put ‘em up!”  And he’d be talking about the temperatures, I’d guess.

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