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DENVER —  A report by lists the University of Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver in the top 10 of colleges with the most offensive comments toward women on Twitter.

The report tracked more than 1 million tweets and then narrowed them down to a specific geographic location. Researchers searched for words that are too offensive to appear here.

On both campuses Tuesday — the news of the study came as a surprise.

“It’s kinda sad to hear that,” DU student Megan Jennings said.

“It is surprising,” Metro State student Maria Valancia said.

Other students weren’t as shocked.

“I feel like I get a lot of disrespect; still cat calls,” Metro State student Chloe Lamb said.

For the Colorado Coalition Against Violence, the report is eye-opening.

“We know that sexist language is used and condoned to such a degree it has become invisible,” spokeswoman Amy Pohl said. “It’s not just words. It does mean something.”

Metro State psychology professor Anna Ropp said the study used a radius of three miles around campus for its results, implying it’s not the university’s sole problem, but the city’s as well.

“The study looks at tweets that are around MSU Denver within three miles, which we know means downtown Denver,” Ropp said.

Other Universities ranked include Yale and Temple.