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DENVER — The FOX31 Problem Solvers continue to report on every side of the potential teacher strike.

On Thursday, we heard from students to get their take on the situation.

“When I did my research and saw an average of $53,000, I thought [the strike] was necessary. That’s not a lot to live on,” said East High School student Jhoni Palmer.

“A lot of my teachers that I know, they’re working two jobs, and that’s not right. It’s just not right that they’re working two jobs, and a lot of them — they just don’t have enough to even live in the city that they teach in,” said another student, Kevante Hobley.

The students are putting their opinions into action, outlining their plans for what they call a sit-in. They posted the idea on Facebook.

“As a student body, we’re going to stand in solidarity for our teachers,” Hobley said.

The original date for the Denver teachers to strike was Jan. 28. After the superintendent reached out to the Department of Labor, the strike’s start date was delayed. It is unclear when it will begin.

“Since they can’t strike, we need to strike for them,” Palmer said. “I know East is planning to take a school day, which is Monday, Jan. 28 to do a sit-in in the main foyer of our school to educate other students on what the teacher strike is.”

The administrators at East know about the planned sit-in.

DPS sent the following statement regarding the sit-in:

“Denver Public Schools respects the interest of students to express their thoughts about issues that concern them and encourages them to make their voices heard. The sit-ins are student-led and will be coordinated in conjunction with school administrators to keep students safe while respecting their choice to share their voice.”