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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Dozens of residents at the Highland Point apartment complex in Aurora woke up Sunday to find their car tires slashed.

“If you walk around, you’ll see tons of flat tires,” Michelle Lee, a resident who had one tire slashed, said.

Lee said at first she didn’t think much of her flat tire, but after walking around and talking to neighbors, she quickly realized the flat wasn’t from a nail but an intentional act by a vandal.

“When there is damage due to vandalism, the warranty doesn’t cover that,” Lee said.

Lee ended up having to pay nearly $160 for a new tire after she found a deep puncture wound on the side of her tire, similar to multiple other tires in the parking lot.

Another resident will have to shell out even more than that.

“My mom called me and told me she drove by and the truck looked tilted,” said Jose Graciano, who had two tires on his truck slashed.

Graciano said he is going to have to pay $250 per tire to get new ones.

“I’m missing work, ’cause I’m stuck here trying to fit some tires,” Graciano said.

Aurora Police said that as of Monday afternoon, eight victims reported damage to their tires. The report is not yet finalized, so they don’t have exact number of vehicles that were damaged or any suspect information.

“This is just cruel. Why would you do this to someone, especially around the holidays? Find something more useful to do with your time,” Lee said.

Multiple neighbors told FOX31 and Channel 2 crews on scene that they believe it is a group of teenagers or kids and they are asking parents in the area to check in with their children.

“Go get a job, find something better to do,” Michael Ricks, who also had a tire slashed, said.