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If you’re getting ready to fire up the grill this holiday weekend get ready for a big case of sticker shock.

“We were going to do chicken and burgers but when I went to the store yesterday and saw how expensive chicken and burgers were we decided to go with hot dogs,” says Michelle Krajewski at Washington Park in Denver.

The bottom line of your summer BBQ looks a lot different this year.

“Everything seems to be doubling in price right now,” she adds.

Wholesale prices for just about everything on your summer cookout menu are at an all time high.

The tab for hosting a dozen guests at a modest Memorial Day cookout will jump at least 15percent this year. The prices of corn, tomatoes and cheese for burgers are among the many grocery items on the rise. Your grill host can expect to pay $229, excluding drinks, appetizers and snacks. That’s up $30 from last year.

“Certain things are going up but it’s kind of a roller coaster and we’re just trying to ride it out,” says John McElmurry, assistant meat manager at Tony’s Market.

Farmers blame the nationwide drought on the rising cost of beef, claiming the number of cattle, hogs and chickens have dropped.

“When they’re not able to keep the number of cattle on hand because of the price of water is going up,” McElmurry says.

If your summer plans include a lot of time on the grill you better plan ahead. Prices for beef are expected to continue their climb. Experts estimate the price of beef will go up between 3.5 and 4.5 percent by the end of the year.