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DENVER — Many Coloradans will likely sit at the dinner table this weekend and fill our their ballot.

While the big issues are known to many Coloradans, what about the other statewide races?

FOX31 sat down with the candidates for Attorney General and State Treasurer.

Attorney General

Republican George Brauchler is taking on Democrat Phil Weiser.

Brauchler is the current DA for the 18th Judicial District in Colorado, prosecuted the Aurora theater shooter, and is opposed to sanctuary cities.

Weiser is the former Dean of CU’s Law School, a former Justice Department appointee under President Obama,  and is supportive of sanctuary cities.

State Treasurer

Democrat Dave Young is taking on Republican Brian Watson.

Watson, a wealthy real estate investor, has said he would not take a salary if elected.

But Watson also said he would not step down as chairman of his company if elected.

“We own $1.3 billion worth of assets in 16 states in America, so I will remain in charge of my company,” Watson told FOX31 political reporter Joe St. George.

“Aren’t you worried about potential conflicts of interest?” St. George asked.

“Before I decided to run we had a legal team decide there would be no conflict of interest,” Watson said.

Bonus: Watson discusses why he was late paying taxes

Dave Young is a current Democratic Representative and former educator and academic.

Young has not run a business – but he says his leadership on the State’s Joint Budget Committee prepares him well for the job.

“I am a career educator and I have spent these last four years on the Joint Budget Committee in a similar role that I think is the treasurer’s office,” Young said.