Dog found with snout taped shut, paws bound recovering at animal shelter


Dog recovering at Denver Animal Shelter

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DENVER — On Saturday afternoon an 8-month-old German Sheppard was found with it’s mouth taped shut and front paws bound together near South Platte River Drive and Huron Street in Denver.

“I didn’t know if it was real because the dog wasn’t moving,” said Carl Allen, who first spotted the dog while driving with a friend.

Unfortunately what they saw was real.

“From the moment I got out of the car and seen what I was looking at was real, my heart was beating, I almost shed a tear,” Allen said.

The dog, who is believed to be an 8-month old female, tried to run away from the group of good Samaritans that were trying to help.

“It was terrified, very terrified,” Allen said. “It’s tail was tucked and it started urinating on itself. Once we started petting it, it started calming down a little bit. I could only imagine what it was going through.”

But this sad story is starting to take a turn for the better. The dog appears to be healthy, she will undergo more tests as the investigation continues, and is expected to be at the Denver Animal Shelter for a few more days.

“Hopefully not too long because the longer they stay in here they tend to get a little bit ancy,” Animal Protection Officer Sgt. Stephen Romero said. “So the sooner we can get her out of here the better for her, is what the goal is for us also.”

Sargent Romero also said the main goal is to find who is responsible for mistreating the animal.

“It’s disgusting that people would do that to their dog, or to any dog. They should have to answer for those actions that they do.”

Carl also would like to see this story come full circle.

“From seeing the condition that it was in, to you guys saying that it is perfectly fine now it brings joy to me,” Allen said. “But what would make me more happy is the person that did that get caught.”

Animal cruelty and abandonment chargers are possible if the person responsible is caught. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Denver Animal Shelter.

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