Doctors warn about taking ibuprofen before working out

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If you’re tempted to take painkillers before your workout to avoid muscle soreness think again. Doctors say taking the drug ibuprofen (also sold under the name Advil) on a regular basis can lead to serious health problems.

Recent studies show that as many as 70 percent of distance runners and other athletes take ibuprofen before working out so they can work through the soreness.

Doctors say endurance training already draws blood from the intestines, and ibuprofen can irritate digestive tissues, a dangerous combination.

Dr. Michelle Clark of Accelerated Health says ibuprofen should be avoided just before a workout and not taken until five hours after exercising. “It’s just really tough on the kidneys to filter it all out especially if you’re doing an endurance activity which requires a lot of hydration.”

Fitness expert Marty Levine of Push Gym says warming up is the best way to prevent muscle soreness and adds, “By doing a progressive warm up you start to prep the tissues for that bigger resistance.”

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