Doctors urging everyone to get a flu shot in Covid-19 world


Flu season is fast approaching and according to health experts, getting the annual flu shot is very vital, especially during a Covid-19 world. Although Covid-19 safety measures, such as wearing a mask, staying home, social distancing and hand washing contributed to a decline in 2020-2021 flu incidence, flu viruses are constantly changing and it’s not unusual for new flu viruses to appear each year.

As we saw throughout allergy season, symptoms common to allergies can be mistaken for COVID and vice-versa. Similarly, there are signs and symptoms that COVID-19 and influenza both share including symptoms such as fever, cough and a loss of taste or smell. Since some people, particularly older adults, may develop severe or life-threatening complications from the flu, it is remains important to get one of the multiple FDA-licensed influenza vaccines that are produced annually.

Dr. Jonathan Zonca with New West Physicians says that being proactive about staying healthy for yourself and your family is important and that includes getting a flu shot. Getting a flu shot is a critical part of advocating for you and your family’s health.

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