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BERTHOUD, Colo. — The former Berthoud police officer who was captured on camera beating his daughter in 2013 is now facing child sexual assault charges.

Jeremy Yachik was arrested on Tuesday by U.S. marshals. Yachik is accused of subjecting a minor to sexual contact in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The Fort Collins Police Department said it had been investigating the claims for a while and handed over the case to the Larimer County District Attorney’s Office.

Earlier this summer, Yachik’s daughter, who was seen being beaten by her father on camera, explained the pain she endured.

“I would go to school with black eyes, but I would have to tell my teachers, ‘Oh, I was playing with my little brother and he hit me in the eye,’” Savannah Yachik said.

Savannah Yachick said the abuse went on for 12 years.

“There was a point where I actually hid a box cutter because [Jeremy Yachik] came into my room in the middle of the night and would wake me up. There were multiple times where I thought about killing myself or someway hurt him, but I never did because I’m not that kind of person,” she said.

The new charges Jeremy Yachik is facing could land him in jail for up to 24 years.