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DENVER — Across the country Tuesday night there are remembrances of President George Herbert Walker Bush.

That includes right here in Colorado — where disability rights advocates praise the late President for his signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“President Bush said himself the greatest thing he did during the course of his presidency was to sign the Americans with Disabilities Act,” Kevin Williams, an attorney with the Colorado Cross-Disability Association, said.

Williams says the ADA changed civil rights for millions of those with disabilities across the country. Are you familiar with a wheelchair ramp or an automatic door opener? That is the ADA.

“He realized what a disaster the country was with respect to its ignorance and intolerance for those with disabilities,” Williams added.

Veterans expressed similar statements to FOX31 including Congressman Mike Coffman.

Coffman remembers Bush not for his time in Congress but for his time fighting in the first gulf war.

Coffman says Bush’s international diplomacy skills allowed for a larger military force to join the effort to free Kuwait. As a result casualties were limited.

“We were told – I was a Captain in the Marine Corps at the time — that there would be 30,000 casualties on the ground in taking on the Iraqi army. But his skill in bringing the collation together greatly mitigated those casualties,” Coffman said.