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DENVER — Detectives are apparently turning their investigation into possible illegal activities at a Denver bar that might have made it an easy target for a robbery.

Three men appeared in court Friday, after their arrests late Wednesday night on multiple charges of murder and arson.

Less than 24 hours earlier, emergency personnel found the bodies of five people who had been murdered inside Fero’s Bar and Grill at S. Colorado Blvd. and E. Alameda Ave.

Police say a fire had been set in the bar after four women and one man had been killed.

FOX31 Denver learned that one of the suspects, 24-year-old Lynell Hill had been having a tough time paying restitution on a prior conviction and needed money desperately.

He and his brother, 27-year-old Joseph Hill, face charges of first degree murder, felony murder, robbery and arson.

Their attorneys have not been allowed access to the arrest affidavit or crime scene yet. “We need access to the affidavit, we need to know why he’s under arrest,” says David Beller, Lynell Hill’s lawyer. “We need to know what evidence they think they have that  leads specifically to Mr. Hill.”

The Hill brothers are accused of going into Fero’s early Wednesday, killing five people and torching the place. Police also arrested 22-year-old Dexter Lewis who they say was with the other two.

Reverend Leon Kelly, who runs Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives, helped raise Dexter Lewis after his father was murdered in a gang shooting 20 years ago.

“Certainly you know my heart is heavy but on the flip side of it you know I got to think about the five families,” Kelly says.

The bar’s owner, Young Fero, has been at the center of allegations about drug dealing going on inside her business. She was one of the five people killed.

Denver police searched her condo in Glendale Friday. It’s the same place where her boyfriend died of a drug overdose eight years ago in a confrontation with police.

Police won’t talk about their investigation and if there is a possibility the three suspects went into the bar because they thought they might find drug money in an easy robbery.

Rev. Kelly says convicts often make stupid choices on the road to recovery. “In the ‘gangsta’ world they feel ‘okay, we try to do it legit. We can’t do it so, therefore, we got to survive in our own way.'”

Court records in the case remain sealed.