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DENVER — In the wake of the University of Denver’s big hockey win against Colorado College on Saturday at Coors Field, the school is also dealing with a big loss.

After the game, fans noticed two things were missing: DU’s unofficial mascot “Boone” and a 25-foot-long “Mega Boone” banner.

“It was disappointing, we’ll put it that way,” said Nick Temaroli, editor of Let’s Go DU, the campu’s popular sports blog.

Temaroli knows Boone’s story well. Boone was a popular mascot at the university for a long time until the school decided to phase him out.

Although Boone is no longer DU’s official mascot, students, staff and alumni still treat him like he is. In fact, someone dressed in a Boone costume still attends DU’s hockey games.

That same person sporting the Boone costume attended Saturday’s game. For the most part, Boone hung out in the club level with other DU fans.

“Boone was going to take [a] 20-by-25-foot flag down to the student section so that if DU scored during the third period, the student section would unravel it and it would cover most of the student section. So they would be celebrating with an image of Boone,” Temaroli said.

But before that could happen, Temaroli said security stepped in.

“On Boone’s way back up, he got stopped by security and because Coors Field has a policy saying you can’t cover your face in the stadium, he got escorted out,” Temaroli said.

Not only was Boone escorted out, but the “Mega-Boone” banner he had with him somehow disappeared.

“So Boone got escorted out. ‘Mega-Boone’ got lost. While ‘Prowler,’ CC’s mascot got to stay,” Temaroli said.

The banner cost $1,400. DU fans are hoping someone will return it. Temaroli isn’t sure why Boone got booted, while Prowler got to stay. His best bet is it’s because Boone isn’t an official mascot.

Rockies communications coordinator Cory Little said in an email he would reply with a comment as soon as possible but as of 8 p.m. Sunday, there was no official response.