DENVER (KDVR) — The race for the next mayor of Denver is finally tightening. Candidates had until 5 p.m. Thursday to qualify to get on the April ballot. Some of the folks who initially filed to run for the seat did not make the cut.

While some candidates already know they have made the ticket, most are still waiting to hear whether they have or not.

“This is the first time we’ve had an open seat in the mayor’s race in 12 years so that incentivizes a lot of people,” FOX31 political analyst Andy Boian said. “Obviously, the campaign matching program works as well, for the matching dollars. So that has had a lot of people enter the race.”

Twenty-nine people, according to Denver’s municipal candidate tracker, are looking to be the next mayor of the Mile High City. Of the 29 people who filed 10 names have officially made the ballot as of Friday afternoon.

So far, only two of the 29 did not make the cut, two others are having campaign materials cured for clarification, and 11 candidates are still waiting on confirmation. Boian said now is the time to stand out for candidates who have qualified.

“The more stances they take on certain controversial issues in Denver, that will really separate the wheat from the chaff right? That will be able to determine who is really serious about being mayor of Denver, who knows what he or she is talking about, and who clearly does not,” Boian said. “That set aside, it really comes down to who raises the most amount of money, who has the biggest microphone, and who resonates with Denver residents the most.”

Of the 29 filers, only three have withdrawn from the race. State Representative Alex Valdez dropped out two days before the deadline. He told FOX31:

Unfortunately, we entered the race late, and with such a convoluted field it made it difficult to gain traction.  My hope is that the coverage soon turns to the absolute disaster Denver has become rather than how many people are taking advantage of a silly, half-baked public elections system. As someone who lives in downtown, I can assure you that this city is in big trouble. We need a leader who understands that a mayor’s job is to make the city work for its citizens. Fingers crossed that someone will start talking about Denver as opposed to themself soon.

Rep. Alex Valdez (D) Denver

Boian said he does not think that’s been an issue in this race.

“I respectfully disagree with Alex. I’m a native, born and raised in north Denver. And I believe solidly, the candidates that are rising pretty significantly right now up to the top are talking seriously about big issues,” Boian. “The people who get out there, grassroots talking to people like you and me, people that vote in Denver, are the ones that win. That’s how it works in Denver.”

The city’s election office will update the list periodically through Feb. 3. That is the day we will have the final list of qualified candidates.