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DENVER — The Denver Zoo announced Friday it is dropping plans to develop a waste to energy incinerator at the zoo.

“After intense evaluation we made the difficult decision to cease plans for our waste to energy system on site due to a lack of resources,” CEO Shannon Block said.

“Good riddance,” said members of neighborhood groups that opposed to the incinerator.

“I’m delighted because I think it’s a very good decision for the zoo and for Denver and for clean air and our health and safety.”

The first-of-its-kind system is supposed to take animal and other zoo waste and convert it into energy, but neighborhood groups raised questions about health and safety.

They were also opposed to putting what they considered an industrial waste incinerator next to Denver’s City Park.

The zoo has spent $3.7 million on the system and said it still believes in the technology.

“We remain hopeful the story of this innovation will continue to new partners and new passion,”  spokesman George Pond said.

But he said the incinerator will not be operated at the zoo location.