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DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver woman is recovering in the hospital, after being pinned underneath a car that came crashing into her bedroom.

The Denver Police Department says it happened just before 1:30 a.m, on Saturday, in a neighborhood near Sheridan and Alameda Avenue.

“It’s amazing how he didn’t hit other houses,” neighbor Oscar Dominguez said, as he showed pictures and videos of the wreck, on his phone, to FOX31.

Dominguez says he’s used to cars speeding through his neighborhood.

“We’ve seen this many, many times,” he said.

But what he woke up to Saturday morning was something he hadn’t seen before.

“She was just pinned underneath perfectly—like a little dome. She was just laying there,” Dominguez recalled.

The seconds leading up to the crash were captured on another neighbor’s Nest Cam.

“I was in bed, laying down, and heard a small explosion and then a great explosion—kind of like a dump truck,” Dominguez said.

He and his son went outside to see what happened, and his son was the first person to run over to help.

“He tells me, ‘dad, call 911. Call 911!’  So I went running back in, grabbed the phone, called 911, came running back out. By that time, my son is over there trying to get the lady, because there was a lady pinned underneath the vehicle inside the home.”

He says neighbors quickly stepped in, despite a natural gas smell coming from the home.

You start to think any type of spark could just blow everybody up,” he told FOX31.

Paramedics, along with the Denver Police and Fire Department, showed up shortly after that—and were able to free the woman and take her to the hospital.

Her husband told us, off camera, the extent of her injuries were still unknown—though they did not appear to be life-threatening.

The driver was arrested, on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

No formal charges have been filed yet.

“Thank God she didn’t get killed,” Dominguez said, after learning the woman was recovering in the hospital.

He fears this won’t be the last time a reckless driver tears through their neighborhood.

“People come up and down this street like it’s the Autobahn. It’s a little street and they fly up and down from Sheridan, just to cut traffic or something.”