DENVER — (KDVR) A Denver woman is the latest appointee to President Biden’s administration.

Sonrisa Lucero will be working at the Department of Energy bringing services to lower-income and minority communities.

Lucero has already started her work with the Biden Administration, she spoke with FOX31 about her upbringing in Denver.

Lucero called herself a daughter of migrant workers, born and raised on the north side of the city.

She was educated at Stanford University and said she had to have a degree created specifically for her field of economics, energy engineering and policy.

That expertise brought her back to Denver where she worked for the city and county’s Office of Sustainability.

She’ll be with the Department of Energy’s Office of Economic Impact and Diversity helping lower-income and minority communities get access to resources from President Biden’s infrastructure law.

“Reducing energy burden, decreasing exposure to environmental hazards and pollution, trying to provide clean energy jobs, particularly for minority-owned businesses,” Lucero said.

She also discussed her pride in the city.

“Northside, 47th and Federal area, very proud, I love Denver, it’s a great city,” Lucero said.

She credits her achievements to her passion for her community and activism in the field of energy economics.

While her work with the Biden Administration has already started, she said she has a couple of months left before she moves to Washington D.C. with her wife.