Denver Urban Gardens is an organization that supports Denver residents in creating sustainable, food-producing neighborhood community gardens.

The nonprofit organization recently planted six food forests across metro Denver with plans to expand to 20 food forests in 2023. Food forests are one of the most ancient forms of land stewardship, and DUG is expanding the idea of what an urban garden can be by bringing them to Denver. By combining trees, shrubs, perennials, and some annuals, these sites mimic the resilience and productivity of a forest. Different sizes and ecological niches allow a wide
diversity of plants to thrive together, while yielding food, medicine, and habitat–critical diversity that reduces the need for maintenance over time.

DUG is currently reviewing site opportunities for additional food forests. If you have access to either publicly or privately-held land in metro Denver and would like it to be considered for a future site, please reach out to DUG’s Director of Permaculture and Perennials, Creighton Hofeditz. Additionally, each food forest will have at least two ‘Tree Keepers’ who will shepherd and steward the site, and there are opportunities for community members to get involved as stewards.

To learn more, please visit