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DENVER — Students from several schools in Denver marched out of classes on Tuesday morning to protest the Trump administration’s announcement that it will rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Students gathered at Barnum Park at West Sixth Avenue and Federal Boulevard before marching to the Tavoli Center on the Auraria campus.

Students from West High School gathered in Sunken Gardens Park and walked to Lincoln Park.

Another large group walked in the Five Points neighborhood.

Police vehicles were posted at intersections to help escort the students.

Students at North High School walked out of classes and gathered across the street at Viking Park. The group then marched down Speer Boulevard toward the Auraria campus.

“These are people I grew up with and I don’t want to see them leave,” Anthony, a student at Byers High School, said as he marched to the rally.

Students then converged outside the Tivoli Center on the Auraria campus.

Thousands of people were in attendance, including many school administrators who escorted the students out of school.

“Right here, right now we’ve got to stand up together,” Liz Gonzalez, a DACA recipient, said before telling the crowd what could happen to her.

Outside the risk of deportation, DACA recipients face the possibility of losing jobs and drivers licenses.

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DACA was enacted five years ago under the Obama administration.

Since that time, nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants have received the protections. Many have started families, pursued careers and are studying in schools and universities across the United States.