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DENVER (KDVR) — The City and County of Denver will assume the same guidelines laid out for the state by Gov. Jared Polis on Monday.

Adams, Arapahoe and Jefferson counties confirmed that they will not alter the guidelines and will use the state’s guidelines for their own counties.

The state’s guideline for reopening restaurants on Wednesday, May 27, limits the maximum capacity to 50 people for indoor seating with a limit to eight or less in a party. Parties must be spaced at least six feet apart from each other and patrons must keep a six-foot distance between other patrons outside their party.

“I wish there was more of like a week lead time as opposed to 48 hours. Our schedules are written, our orders are in for product, so now it leaves us in kind of a scramble position,” Del Frisco’s Grille General Manager Gavin Berry said.

“We do want to be ready to open to the public on Wednesday but it’s gonna be a push to be honest. I’d say more of a good time line would be Friday. But we’re gonna try I can guarantee you that.”

All employees must wear face masks and ventilation of the establishment is recommended as much possible. Deep cleaning and sanitization of each table and area is required before another party may be seated.

“We’ve been sanitizing everything. We got the preliminary restrictions four days ago. We’ve gone through, spaced each table, we put signs on them. Certain tables are closed to social distancing given the eight foot rule. There’s been a lot of work going into it,” Berry said.

“We’re hospital clean, everything is sanitized daily over and over and over even though we’re not letting people into the building. It’s been a lot of work to make sure we are ready and safe most importantly.”

The state’s guidelines do not require reservations but does encourage them. Parties waiting to be seated should not congregate in entrance areas and are encouraged to wait in their cars or off-premises.

Restaurants are asked not to seat people in the bar if it is being used to prepare food or
drink. Guests may sit there following the same distancing requirements as a regular table.

According to the governor’s guidelines, floors should be marked with six foot distance markers and foot traffic directions should be labeled.

In addition to the indoor seating restrictions, the City and County of Denver posted a tweet saying they are processing outdoor seating approvals as quickly as possible.