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DENVER — The Denver Rescue Mission will be allowed to open the Lawrence Street Community Center for the Homeless after a reversal of a ruling from a judge.

Residents in the Ballpark neighborhood have been trying to stop the center from opening and sued to stop it. But a District Court judge in Denver reversed a ruling, opening the way for the center to open.

Residents claimed the center would only be an expansion of the current shelter run by the mission and not a community center with day services for the homeless.

Judge R. Michael Mullins ruled Sept. 3 that the center could not open in a ruling in favor of the Ballpark Neighborhood Association. But the new order Tuesday reversed that decision, and was in response to a reconsideration by the rescue mission and the city.

The $8.5 million project was initially scheduled to open two weeks ago but the lawsuit forced it to remain closed.

The Denver Rescue Mission said there is still some work that needs to be done but the community center should be open by mid- to late November.