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DENVER — A Denver real estate broker, who police say admitted to taking video up women’s skirts, will not face criminal charges after the district attorney’s office was forced to dismiss the case on a technicality.

Patrick Finney is believed to have used open houses to take video up women’s skirts, according to an affidavit and application for arrest warrant filed with the Denver District Attorney’s Office.

He is still in business, selling homes in the Denver area without worrying about a criminal investigation.

A complaint against Finney, the owner of FINN Real Estate in Denver, and investigated by the Denver Police Department led to a search warrant and a confession, according to the affidavit.

The investigation found Finney, 45, shot inappropriate video of women.

The case led to misdemeanor complaints of invasion of privacy for sexual gratification. Prosecutors have been forced to throw out the complaints, citing a statute of limitations.

Finney’s now ex-girlfriend told police she found up-skirt videos on Finney’s email account in August 2015. She told police she believes Finney shot the videos during open houses.

It’s unclear when the videos were recorded. What is clear is the ex-girlfriend did not report the videos to police until February.

The delay in reporting means criminal complaints in the case are not able be served within an 18-month window as mandated by a statute of limitations.

The statute means that even though police say Finney confessed, state law requires the case to be thrown out.

“I am grateful to put this matter behind me and focus on my growing family,” Finney said in a statement. “I am working every day to be a better person for my family and my community.”