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DENVER — The number of homeless people again is growing in downtown Denver, and the city is warning those on the street that a sweep will be performed soon.

Those setting up camps in the downtown area off Lawrence Street and Park Avenue West are being told to move by Tuesday. On that day, the city will clear sidewalks and belongings will be put into storage.

People who live and work nearby say this needs to happen, but the homeless say they have nowhere else to go.

The city said homeless outreach teams are working in the area to determine why people are not using shelters that are being offered to them.

Sweeps earlier this year prompted a pending federal lawsuit. The homeless say the sweeps violated their constitutional rights.

“Every encampment is different and the needs of every person are unique,” Denver Human Services said in a statement. “But the city’s approach to connect the people who are living on the streets and help them to stabilize their lives has been consistent.”