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DENVER — If you drink and drive, the chances of being busted will be going up starting Thursday as the Denver Police Department is getting ready to debut its new mobile DUI van.

It’s call the “BAT van,” a mobile tool that will be on the streets looking for people who drink and drive.

The van will be hitting the streets of Denver and will be put into action at road-side sobriety checkpoints. “BAT” stands for Breath Alcohol Testing. It’s a mobile command post that officers at checkpoints can use for DUI testing on the spot.

Police say it will greatly increase forensic testing and efficiency, especially during targeted high-volume DUI enforcement operations that will be in place during the upcoming holiday season.

The van is designed to make the public and police safer at the checkpoints that can become too dangerous along a busy highway.

Denver police are teaming up with the Colorado Department of Transportation to make the “BAT van.”