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DENVER — A Denver police officer, and his wife, were awarded $180,000 in damages after a jury determined they had been falsely accused of providing alcohol to a toddler.

The jury found in favor of Officer Jeremy Olive and his wife Amy on Feb. 21. According to the couple’s lawyer, they sued Judith Schnurr for “defamatory statements” made in August 2011.

Schnurr told FOX31 Denver that she saw the Olives give their toddler a margarita at the Fish city Grill in the Park Meadows Mall.

We reported Schnurr’s account in 2011, when charges were filed against Jeremy Olive.

However, in January 2012, the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office dropped the charges. Subsequently, the Olives sued Schnurr for defamation.

Following a four-day trial last month, the jury found in the Olives’ favor.  Schnurr’s attorney, Brett Huff, said she plans to appeal.