Denver police arrest suspect for investigation of murder in baby’s death


DENVER (KDVR) — Police in Denver have arrested Cain Gallardo, 21, of Denver for investigation of first-degree murder of 9-month-old Gianna Rosales.

In August 2020, baby Gianna was taken to Denver Health Medical Center. Her father, Anthony Rosales, said Gianna was unresponsive and coughing up blood.

Rosales said he received a call from his baby’s mother, Jolene Beyer, telling him to get to the hospital. The baby died the next day under mysterious circumstances.

Denver police have been investigating the death as a homicide due to evidence of blunt force trauma, according to a police press release.

Rosales, who was separated from Beyer, said his baby’s mother made poor choices by staying with another man. That man, Gallardo, is now being held behind bars.

“The fact that [the arrest] happened … I can breathe a little bit … but at the end of the day, my daughter is still gone,” Rosales said. “I’ve just been trying to keep my head positive as I know cases take forever.”

Rosales said his estranged partner had the baby in her care when the child was assaulted. It is still unclear what led to the alleged attack.

Lakewood and Wheat Ridge police had been involved in family disputes, along with Jefferson County Human Services, when the baby was living in Jefferson County.

“[Jolene] should’ve been here in Lakewood with her mom and grandparents … but she was out there in Denver with a bunch of people we don’t know,” Rosales said. “There were seven people in that household, and I don’t know who did it … any of them could’ve [done] it.”

Rosales said many people doubted his speculation that his daughter was killed every step of the way until now. Publicly available records do not indicate that formal charges have been filed in the case just yet.

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