Denver mother, children miraculously unharmed after bullet pierces apartment

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DENVER – A Denver mother says she feels lucky her family is alive after a bullet went in one side of her apartment and out the other.

“We’re just relaxing and pow!” Lisa Harker told FOX31.

Harker says around 5 p.m. Monday evening, someone inside the apartment she shares a wall with fired a gun, piercing her living room, kitchen and stopping in the door of the apartment across the hall.

“I said, ‘Kids, get on the floor,’ And we crawled out,” Harker said.

According to a Denver police report on the incident, “an unknown person knowingly discharged a firearm inside” the Welton Park Apartments in Five Points and “the party then fled the location in an unknown direction.”

Just before the shooting, Harker says her daughter was supposed to be standing at the sink washing dishes. The teen decided to put the chore off for 10 minutes to relax. That’s when the bullet came through the apartment, striking the kitchen cabinet above the sink at eye-level.

“My daughter and I would have been right there with the dishes,” Harker said. “The police sergeant and the officer that were here said, ‘Somebody was looking out for you.’ This could have been a really different outcome.”

Harker says she doesn’t feel safe in her apartment anymore. She even ducks while doing the dishes.

“I’m a Denver native. Even during some of our most troubled times in our communities, I have never felt unsafe,” she said. “But now, all these people everywhere, just people on top of people, nobody knows any of their neighbors anymore.”

Harker says she moved in to her apartment in April after a three-year wait for affordable housing. Financially, she says moving is not an option she can afford on her own. She is now fundraising to try to gather enough money to switch apartments.

“Safe and affordable should not be at opposite ends of the spectrum. They should be synonymous with housing in Denver,” she said.

While she figures out her next steps, she says she is grateful this story doesn’t have a different ending.

“And that’s the thing you can’t stop, is the what ifs,” she said.

FOX31 reached out to Welton Park Apartments but office staff could not be reached for comment.

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