Denver man watches his house being robbed in real time via webcam

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DENVER — More than 800 break-ins have been documented so far this year in the city of Denver.

Resident Ben Waymire recently watched his home on Lincoln Street get burglarized in real time.

His home was first broken into the night he moved in about nine months ago. Several bikes were stolen.

Since then, his home has been burglarized three more times.

“I had a Mac computer stolen, a few TVs, a coin collection my grandfather gave me and then, of course, the bikes,” said Waymire.

After the third break-in, Waymire took action, purchasing a security system and four state-of-the-art cameras. It didn’t take long before they were needed.

Waymire was at work when he received an alert that someone was inside his home.

“I just see this guy walking through my house with my TV. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it was happening,” he said.

Waymire was on the phone with a client. He quickly hung up and dialed 911.

“I was actually on the phone with 911 when they were still in the house. I was like, ‘They’re in my house right now! I’m watching it! You guys have to get there!'” he said.

Police didn’t arrive in time, but thanks to the footage, they were able to track down the suspects: Abie Olivas and Cherelle Candelaria as well as Waymire’s stolen Mercedes-Benz.

It turns out 60-year-old Olivas has been arrested 49 times. His partner, Candelaria, has been busted 12 times in just two years.

“That’s what they do, stealing and breaking into cars,” said Denver Police Department Det. Mark Matthews, who helped track the suspects down thanks to the video recorded in Waymire’s home.

“I’ve rarely seen video that good of quality,” said Matthews.

Matthews hopes the suspects’ crime spree is now over, thanks to a man who turned his paranoia into action, purchasing surveillance cameras that led to an arrest.

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