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DENVER — Some creative minds at the Denver Public Library have come up with a way to connect the library to the community outside of its physical locations.

Librarians can now take their services to the streets and meet people where they are… in their neighborhoods, at community events, in the parks, coffee shops, skate parks, farmers’ markets, just about anywhere.

The library is introducing DPL Connect. It’s a souped-up tricycle that’s been turned into a mobile library and Wi-Fi hotspot. Yes, you can connect to the Internet.

DPL Connect’s first public appearance takes place Wednesday on the 16th Street Mall between Curtis and Champa streets from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

“The librarian riding DPL Connect, armed with a tablet and an internet connection, will provide traditional library services, helping customers with digital downloads (eBooks, audio books, and digital magazines), offering reading suggestions, assisting with research and registering new customers for library cards,” the library’s blog says.

The library says DPL Connect was thought up and created by staff members Zac Laugheed and Jen Morris. They won the library’s out-of-the-box idea contest.