DENVER (KDVR) — Denver hit 92 degrees Monday afternoon, making it the 66th time the city has hit 90 degrees or higher this year.

The average number of 90-degree days in a year for Denver is 46. This year has passed the average mark by 20 days above 90 degrees.

Out of those 66 days above 90, five of them were at or over 100 degrees.

This year will end with the third most 90-degree temperatures in a year, behind 2020 and 2012. The most Denver has seen in a year was 75 days back in 2020, with 73 in 2012.

The average last 90-degree day in Denver is Sept. 4. Denver had its last 90-degree day of 2021 on Sept. 18.

The latest Denver has seen a 90-degree temperature is Oct. 1, 1892.