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Kalera the new farm is located in Aurora is now providing Coloradoans clean greens that are grown sustainably. Using recycled water, Kalera uses 95% less water than traditional farms, which is great for our state that is experiencing severe drought.

Aric Nissen, CMO with Kalera says that indoor vertical farming does not require the use of acres upon acres of land, but it can still provide greater yields of lettuce and microgreens year-round compared to traditional field farming.

Kalera products are non-GMO, grown without the use of harmful sprays or chemicals, and produced using climate-controlled environments.

Kalera’s Denver farm will provide Colorado residents with 15 million heads of locally grown greens every year, meaning storeowners do not have to worry about importing greens that are grown hundreds of miles.
Most greens are shipped from California and Arizona. Kalera is local in nature, which omits the need for massive shipments/deliveries across multiple states/regions. This has reduced CO2 emissions by 98.5% compared to traditionally shipped leafy greens found in supermarkets.