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DENVER — The city of Denver sent letters Friday to hundreds of homeowners telling them to work with the city to resolve issues like not meeting affordable housing standards.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers first told you in October 2017 about a homeowner who said the city told her she couldn’t sell her house for market value, even though that’s what she paid for it.

She claims no one ever told her the home was part of the city’s affordable housing program.

Denver officials said they needed time to investigate each case.

“We know there are some folks or some individuals who didn`t know about affordability restrictions that have come to our attention,” Derek Woodbury of the Denver Office of Economic Development said. “At the same time we clearly know there are others who are trying to cheat the system if you will. Our intent is not to put deserving people out of their homes. And through the compliance resolution program and going forward we are focused on preserving homes for their intended purpose.”

The city is offering a 6-8 month moratorium to homeowners to share information about what details they received at closing.

Denver over-taxed up to 1,200 homeowners who the city says will be paid back.