Denver family says trick-or-treaters stole little dog on Halloween

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DENVER — A Denver family is searching for their 5-year-old dog, after they say she was stolen by trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.

It happened in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood, where 9-year-old Mason Shermer was passing out candy on his family’s porch.

“I had Stella out here sitting with me while we were giving candy away,” says Mason. “I looked at another person and gave them candy, and then I looked back, and she was gone.”

Mason says the group of teenagers quickly took off. He ran inside and told his parents, before running back outside.

“I was running all the way down the block, trying to figure out if there was someone who could help me,” he says.

Stella is a rare Yorkie mix, and weighs about 6 lbs.

“She’s so small, she’s like six pounds, so she could easily fit into a bag for trick or treating,” he says.

The family has been putting up flyers throughout the area near East Mississippi Avenue and South Elizabeth Street, as well as at local animal shelters.

Stella is not micro-chipped, and the family says she rarely leaves the house, and never would run away on her own.

“It’s crazy to even think someone would do that,” says Bryan Cook. “I mean, when your dog gets out because the gate was left open, you just beat yourself up for it. This is a little different.”

The family has been asking neighbors to check surveillance cameras for the group of teenagers.

They’re hoping whoever took Stella brings her back, no questions asked.

“We just want the dog back,” says Cook.

Mason says if he gets her back, he’ll forgive whoever took  her.

“I would be really happy, and I’d probably cry.”

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